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“Never mock a woman who refuse to compromise their values for money” – Actress Biodun Okeowo advices her fans

Nigerian actress Biodun Okeowo, known as Omoborty, recently shared a captivating photo on her Instagram and shared a meaningful message with her followers.

In her post, she urged people to avoid mocking women who opt for a simple way of life or are dealing with financial challenges, underscoring that many prioritize their self-respect and principles over riches.

Posting the photo she wrote;

Never mock a woman who is not living an extravagant lifestyle or is financially challenged. Some cherish their dignity and refuse to compromise their values for money.

If you’re one of such women, may God bless you financially! Amen 🙏

As for those irresponsible men who wouldn’t help a woman unless she compromises herself, remember that you have daughters too…
Please learn to be nice and expect nothing in return.