Nigerian Lady receives N100K cash gift for having a flawless beauty

A young Nigerian lady, known as X, encountered the “fine girl privilege” when a stranger, deeply impressed by her flawless beauty, gifted her the sum of N100K.

X shared this heartwarming gesture on her Instagram page, recounting how a user slid into her DMs to express admiration for her beauty, ultimately surprising her with the generous gift.

Enchanted by her beauty on her Instagram story, the young man was so captivated that he offered her a token for lunch.

To acknowledge her stunning and flawless appearance, he credited the lady with a whopping sum of N100K.

“You flawless with the face trust me. Send your account details, let me buy you lunch,” he stated in the chat.

The post has since generated tons of reactions from social media users who wished they got the same treatment while others ridiculed the man for being a simp.

Reactions as lady gets N100K for having flawless beauty

Dimpled_humann wrote: “This is a normal thing w ig men dk why peeps acting shocked 😂 if you can’t relate Yk why🫵.”

Big_stepperx noted: “100k for lunch watin you wan chop for afternoon way you go spend 100k. Na fellow men day do men. Person babe you go send am 100k for lunch. When no be say na the restaurant she wan LET.”

Dayosalak02 opined: “This guy fit dey owe person 5k like this.”

Pamesritchie said: “Dem give you money for IG you come show us for twitter, be like God wan punish you and that man.”

Bydhex102 stated: “Na man dey do man. You go dey on your own jeje o, person go dey send your babe 100k for lunch because she look flawless. 😪.”

iiamjustchris added: “I don’t care how much I love someone or how much that person loves me back, I would never go in a relationship not financially stable.”