Nigerian man insists that popular Nollywood actor, Junior Pope is alive, claiming ample evidence supports his claim.

In a recent video circulating online, a Nigerian man passionately asserts that popular Nollywood actor, Junior Pope, is alive and well, refuting rumors of his demise. With unwavering confidence, the man claims to possess sufficient evidence to support his claim.

This assertion has sparked intrigue and curiosity among fans and followers of the actor, who eagerly await further clarification on the matter.

This is contained in a fresh video where the said man, wearing a yellow outfit, was seen racing while shouting “Evidence dey, Junior Pope is alive.”

Amidst swirling rumors suggesting that popular actor Junior Pope had tragically drowned during a movie shoot, sparking allegations of his demise, a Nigerian man boldly refuted these claims.

Despite widespread reports in various media outlets of the actor’s passing, a handful of individuals remained adamant that he was still alive.

Notably, a fellow Nollywood actor even suggested that the news of Junior Pope’s death was fabricated by the movie producer as a promotional tactic for the film in which he starred.

Adding to the ongoing controversy, a recent video has emerged on social media, bolstering claims that the actor is indeed alive and well.

Watch video below;