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Nigerians donate N17.9M to 80-year-old bricklayer who went viral

Compassionate Nigerians rally together, contributing a total of N17.9 million for an industrious 80-year-old bricklayer who gained widespread attention after a video showcased him diligently engaged in the physically demanding task of bricklaying.

The viral video evoked a strong emotional response from viewers who empathized with the elderly man, with many expressing the sentiment that he should be enjoying a well-deserved rest at his age.

Numerous individuals joined forces to contribute funds aimed at securing improved living conditions for the elderly man.

According to a post shared by Twitter user @Justkingss, a remarkable total of N17.9 million was successfully raised by compassionate Nigerians.

A photo he shared shows the elderly man who was visited by some charitable individuals.

The post read:

“Nigerians donated 17.9M into Baba’s account as at today.

WE DID IT!! 🙏🏾🤩❤️”

Read some reactions below:

shes_precious_ said: “These are the people that need donations but BBN fans left the group chat.”

ceedobanks said: “Nigerians # we are good people”

ajokefoods_ said: “God bless everyone that contributed”

ms_leemart wrote: “God bless all hands that contributed . May God bless us with long life that comes with ease without any onc of pain”

doux_soft_ said: “Old taker will surely take again”

topman_tech said: “Nigerians are kind. All we need are good leaders”

biigcoca said: “WowNigeria has the most kind hearted people”

fatimayusuf2039 said: “God bless everyone that contributed”

__chinnel said: “God bless you baba! There’s absolutely no excuse for LAZINESS”

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