“No evidence say the guy get fans” – Video trends as Oyinbo fans refuse to vibe with Seyi Vibez as he performs in Berlin (Watch)

Recently, videos of Seyi Vibez’s recent performance in Berlin, Germany, have been circulating online, sparking various reactions among netizens.

Similar to Asake, he took the stage at the Afrobeats festival, entertaining a crowd of 10,000 enthusiastic audience members.

During his performance, Seyi Vibez captivated the crowd with renditions of his popular songs like “Kun Fa Yakun” and “Chance,” leaving everyone eager for more.

During his performance in front of non-Yoruba-speaking fans (Oyinbo fans), Seyi Vibez, who uses around 70% Yoruba lyrics, faced challenges in controlling the audience. Despite his efforts on stage, the crowd’s energy seemed lacking, evident when the DJ paused the music.

As expected, the video garnered various reactions, with some suggesting that Seyi Vibez should incorporate more English in his songs. Others emphasized that he needs to work on audience control to enhance his performances.

However, some of Seyi Vibez’s fans offered encouragement, advising him not to give up on his craft and expressing confidence that his time for success will come soon.

Watch the video below

See reactions below;

shaarawyn1: Omor fans no even Dey jump like say dem Dey happy 😂😂😂. No evidence say the guy get fans 😂😂

divagold_: OMO this celebrity life no easy, to get genuine fans na GOD grace. Make e grace never leave us , Amen 🙏 😢.

sniperarchitect: Music has no language, He clearly lacks audience control , he can only get better .

mascara_vibez: If na me be seyi I go talk am for my mind say if you like dance if you like don’t dance I don collect my money 😂.

eja_nla003: Never compare him to Asake.. why DJ self go even pause this music 😂😂😂😂.

bosspato98: Seyi perform tire 🤦🏾‍♂️no evidence say e song reach international 😐😐😂😂.

bhadboi.brainn: Shey nah person wey una dey compare with ASAKE and zino be this 😂😂.

general_hybee112: Y’all stay hating while Bruh keeps getting paid 😂👏.

posi_078: Haters you go Dey one place I swear if you keep hating this guy you Dey ment how e Dey sing remember his lifestyle keep going up you stay there Dey hate Ogun kill you 😂❤️🍼 NSNV.

holy_spireet: All those people just dey look him like “who be this one wey just dey jump up and down” 😂😂😂. Attack Oyinbo make them attack you back 😂.

official_opizzy_x: This person mumu too much they then you say Germany 🇩🇪 understand English too😂😂😂 na 5% German understand English.