“No go dey Overjoy” Ijoba Lande Thrilled Beyond Measure as he meet Toyin Abraham (Video)

Comic actor Ijoba Lande experienced immense joy and excitement when he had the opportunity to meet and interact with Nollywood superstar Toyin Abraham.

Lande took to his Instagram page to share a video, expressing his delight in the memorable encounter.

In the video, Lande’s exuberance and happiness were evident as they took pictures together, exchanged pleasantries, and engaged in lively conversations, making it a truly unforgettable experience.

In his Instagram post, he captioned the video with the words, “She’s the world’s best, I promise! Mama IRE is also there having a great time. May God bless you, mama. We love you 😍 @toyin_abraham.”

Watch the video below;

See Reaction below;

Official_bolodeoku2: I have a great love for her… she is incredibly accommodating ❤️❤️❤️ May you be blessed forever, @toyin_abraham.

Mhiz_Mharia: She is so approachable. I remember last year when I went to watch “ijakumo” at City Mall Ikeja. As soon as I spotted her, I hurried to greet her, and she was holding a bottle of water. She asked me to hold it for her, as if she knew me beforehand. Very friendly.

Miz_Roseline: Can someone please help me with 500 or anything to feed my son? 😢 This is the most difficult thing I have ever done. They went to bed last night without eating anything. 🙏 I am facing hardships as a widow and a learner. Even if it’s raw food, I will send you my home address, please 😭😭😭 I beg you in the name of God 🙏 I am ashamed to be doing this.

Amos_placid: This woman is extremely friendly and kind. She would embrace you as if you’re part of the same family. May God continue to bless you, @toyin_abraham. May He bless your family as well.