“Nobody Should Blame Naira Marley Again, It was his family aje ‘W!tch’ that kllled Mohbad, not Naira Marley – Prophet Ariole claims (Details)

Prophet Austin Ariole’s views regarding the passing of the young artist Mohbad are his personal opinions and perspectives. It’s essential to emphasize that attributing blame or assigning the cause of someone’s death to witches or a particular group without concrete evidence lacks a factual basis. The circumstances surrounding an individual’s demise should be subject to thorough investigation by medical professionals and relevant authorities to ascertain the actual cause.

Furthermore, it’s important to recognize that the responsibility for an individual’s well-being and support extends to various facets of their life, including their family, community, and the Church. While support from these sources can be invaluable, it should not be solely accountable for a person’s fate or health.

He said, “I don’t like worldly musicians, but I just picked interest in this one, and when I was praying last night, God revealed to me that Naira Marley did not kill Mohbad. Witches from his village killed him.”

The prophet went on to say that these witches killed Mohbad because they saw his bright future and were motivated by it.

Prophet Ariole expressed sympathy for the family while criticizing Mohbad’s father, saying that despite people seeking safety in mountains for their children, the father did not do enough for his son.

He voiced his concern over the father’s attention being diverted from the tragedy itself to financial concerns about the burial.