Nollywood Actor, Femi Adebayo reveals one of his saddest moments in life (Watch)

Actor Femi Adebayo of Nigeria discussed one of the worst periods of his life while doing a movie, reflecting on how it ended up being a turning point in his career and offering a strong message of inspiration.

Adebayo revealed that the incident that left a lasting impression on him was the passing of a horse named “Prince” during the production of “Agesinkole,” his best film to date.

He wrote, ” One of the saddest moments I’ve had while shooting a movie is the passing of “Prince, The Horse”.

It rippled through the hearts and minds of everyone on set for the project, Agesinkole.

We mourned, but at a point, like a subconscious collective decision, it was like we all decided to harness the energy of what we felt to give 100% to that project.

And it showed!

Your lowest moments can turn out to be your springboard for greatness!

Never give up on yourself!”

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