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“Now! Na the next customer go enjoy pass” – Nigerian man sprays perfume on bike rider to avoid bad odor (Video)

A Nigerian man has sparked a social media buzz by using the perfume he carried to spray a bike rider because of the rider’s unpleasant odor.

In a circulating video, an unidentified young man is seen holding a yellow case of perfume, nonchalantly spraying it on a bike rider who appeared unperturbed and concentrated on his task.

The video, captioned “Bike men and smell are inseparable,” triggered discussions about the perceived disrespect in treating a bike rider in such a manner.

Social media users thronged to comment section with their thoughts.

Watch the video below:

Some reactions are shown below:

Nelson2 said, “That’s not nice joor.”

Silent_Talkative said, “He’s been working under sun 24/7 Leave am alone.”

Your worst nightmare said, “How do you people feel treating your fellow human like this , just for content??”

Daniel said, “It would have been better you give it to him instead of just trying to film him make we try deh get sense.”

user9808148088617 said, “If he stab you. Now you go say na smell ?”

SAY LESS said, “Sometimes sef,you go wear nose mask still dey perceive the odour of their mouth.”

Understanding Girlfriend said, “‎This is so disrespectful.”

Jmdnm said, “‎If a tear you slap now, shebi you go vex?”