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“Obo Turkey, Iya Okonga”- Lizzy Anjorin proceeds to give Iyabo Ojo other names days after she was warned to stop calling her Sepeteri

Lizzy Anjorin has continued to playfully call Iyabo Ojo “Sepeteri” despite Iyabo’s recent social media response.

Earlier, Iyabo Ojo had addressed Lizzy, insisting that direct communication should occur if someone wanted to reach her and pointed out that “Sepeteri” is not her actual name. She clarified that Sepeteri is a place name in Nigeria, not her name.

However, in a recent exchange, Lizzy Anjorin didn’t seem content with the new name given to Iyabo. Subsequently, she humorously proposed more “fitting names” for Iyabo, continuing their playful interaction.

She enlisted the help of her fans and followers to select a new name for Iyabo Ojo, presenting a long list of options. Lizzy mentioned that the names needed to be chosen promptly as it was time for a “christening.”

Among the names she proposed for Iyabo Ojo were Adogan Pastor Sulele, Ojo Turkey, Obo Jinmin, Iya Okonga, and several others.

Recall that some months back, Iyabo Ojo and Lizzy Anjorin had also resorted to their respective social media platforms to shade each other consistently.

Iyabo Ojo had shared a video where she was mimicking and mocking Lizzy Anjorin humorously. Lizzy, obviously offended by this went on to reveal some intimate details about Iyabo Ojo spilling dirt on her. She accused Iyabo Ojo of promiscuity saying that she had slept with a lot of countless rich men for money.

She even went as far as revealing that Iyabo Ojo had even engaged in a threesome with rich politician.