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“Oluwa! Am In Serious Debt” – Nigerian man cries out as dog brutally kills his chickens, video trends (Watch)

A video circulating widely on social media captures a man shedding tears as his dog’s unexpected actions lead him into financial turmoil.

The viral footage vividly portrays the relentless attacks by the dog on the hens, resulting in the loss of all the birds.

The video provides a glimpse of the man keeping his dog in close proximity to the chicken coop where he tends to and nurtures his poultry.

Upon seeing the death of his chickens, the man raises alarm and by extension expresses his unhappiness.

The frustrated man who is now in debt shares some crying emojis and even tell people never to buy dogs again.

He wrote; “Please don’t buy dog guys, I’m in debt.”

Watch the video below;

See reactions below;

olandykol__: No be the dog fault. Na you foolish💯 and this is a result of bad training. Dogs are meant to be their guards and watch over them if only you could train them enough and socialize them. Plus e be like say you sef Don dey feed the dog raw meats too normal normal.

angelle_t_d: Honestly, I doubt the dog would just go on a killing spree like this? Unless it’s being mistreated or has rabies or something, making it aggressive… Keep an eye on your livestock ppl 😳.

_queen_micky: German Shepards are on this table.. they love terrorizing birds.

sandypreneur: Is it safe for this kind of Dog to be around humans?

ckgramm: I go cook the dog and the chickens for the same pot aje I no care the species 😂😂😂💀.

nnemy_simeon: See as the Animal go one side go sir down, like say e no do anything 😂😂. Make the dog sef collect.

iamdjyounggee: The dog is poorly trained.

baristakhamani420: Normally he’s partly at fault for not being able to keep his dog off this place knowing the danger it may cause Also, the dog goes too regardless the species Me and my goons are eating it Lessons learnt in a hard way…