Omo! Aunty Ramota’s real age leaves Nigerians in great surprise

Aunty Ramota, whose real name is Ramota Adetu, has left audiences in awe with her youthful look, defying her age of 42.

Born in 1981 in Ikorodu, Lagos state, Aunty Ramota possesses a condition that has maintained her petite stature since birth.

A multifaceted creator, actress, and comedian, Aunty Ramota has garnered acclaim for her comedic skits that bring boundless smiles to people’s faces.

Despite her petite frame, she employs her talents as a conduit for spreading joy and laughter.

Having commenced her comedic journey years ago, Aunty Ramota has left an indelible mark on Nigeria’s entertainment landscape.

Her amusing videos create vibrant moments and leave audiences gratified by her uproarious performances.

While Aunty Ramota’s familial details remain undisclosed, her age and youthful visage have left many astounded.

A testament to her skill and wit, Aunty Ramota consistently mesmerizes crowds, underscoring that age holds no sway over the ability to disseminate mirth.

In a candid interview, she expressed her discontent with the unjust treatment she occasionally faces due to her height. Despite her diminutive stature and perceived imperfections, she has triumphantly maintained her comedic endeavors, evoking laughter among audiences in Nigeria and beyond.