“Omo! Grace Local him” – Viral Aquafina man gets invitation from water company, meets Kate Henshaw, Hilda Baci & others (Video)

Aquafina, the water company, has reached out to the remarkable young street vendor who gained widespread recognition for his skillful promotion of their product amidst heavy traffic.

A viral video featuring the self-proclaimed “Dr. H2O,” showcasing his professional marketing of Aquafina bottled water to bus commuters, garnered significant online attention.

His eloquent presentation and adept product demonstration resonated with viewers, prompting them to bring the video to the brand’s attention, highlighting his exceptional marketing abilities.

In a recent development, the hawker from Anambra state shared that he has journeyed to Lagos following the company’s invitation.

The video circulating online captured his arrival, as he alights from the company’s vehicle and proceeds into their building. Watch the video below:

The video triggered massive reactions as social media users shared their thoughts. Some reactions are shown below:

uchennannanna said, “Don’t ever look down on your hustle, people are watching. Above all God is the greatest 🙌🙌🙌”.

soledafoot said, “I love this! These are the kind of things that should be promoted😍, laslas school no be SCAM”.

zerahconfectionery said, “This season of grace is profound 👏 Lord I see what you’re doing, I partake in it”.

official_maryamibrahim said, “Having goosebumps over me I can’t believe I spent time watching this.May Allah continue to bless he’s hustle,the person that video took him may Allah continue to grant you favors unending Amin.”

gloriaaakachukwu said, “I just love to see God do genuine amazing things! God bless the guy who flipped out his phone, posted this, made us laugh kindly, and now… I love to see it! 👏I pray the opportunity serves him well.”

lomeedarfresh said, “I am glad.. they should do an advert with him.. trust me that will boost their brand perception 👏👏”.

leemahmodesty.ng said, “Never underestimate the power of social media 👏”.

helloediyie said, “This 🥺🥺🥺 do what you do with everything you have in you
I am so happy for this guy. May this be a turning point in your life”.