“Omo! I No Still Believe Say Na I Go Do Mohbad Burial Ground ”– Bricklayer Man rejoice With Joy On His Face (Video)

The bricklayer who cemented the grave of the popular Nigerian singer Mohbad seems to be satisfied with having completed the task.

Mohbad, the popular Nigerian singer, tragically passed away at the age of 27 on September 12th and was subsequently laid to rest in Ikorodu the following day.

In a video that went viral and was posted on Instagram by @badarinah, the bricklayer who cemented Mohbad’s grave celebrated the completion of the task as an achievement.

The bricklayer, as heard in the video, expressed disbelief that he would be the one tasked with cementing the grave of the late singer, Mohbad, in his lifetime. This sentiment reflects the unexpected nature of the situation.

In his words,” If dem say na me go do Mohbad burial ground, I go ‘foh’ o, I no believe o.” The bricklayer also admitted that he did not know the late Mohbad personally but was a fan of his songs.”

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