“Omo! I will never be poor” – Ola of Lagos freaks out after viewing a magnificent property with a garage filled with luxury vehicles and an impressive interior (Video)

Ola, a well-known Instagram influencer and auto critic from Lagos, has expressed disbelief after discovering a magnificent villa with a luxury automobile collection in its garage.

Ola of Lagos, who is well renowned for his critiques of automobiles, visited the residence and was astounded by the apartment’s fine furnishings.

He uploaded a video of the mansion’s garage, which was stocked with luxurious cars including the bulletproof Prado, G-Wagon, Toyota Land Cruiser 2023, and Hilux, among others.

Ola of Lagos demonstrated the value of the house design by revealing the interior, and he was in awe of what he saw. He claims that the property has a sofa for N30 million and a waiting chair worth N10 million. It costs N15 million for the eating area. Additionally, it was embellished with 12 million Naira worth of antiquities.

Watch the video below;

The video triggered significant attentions online as social media users wished to have such expensive mansion. Some reactions are shown below:

Queen OG said, “for those that are saying vanity upon vanity, poverty is also vanity so choose your vanity so I declare on myself and family I will not be poor”.

abiodunhammed3173 said, “omo,ritual money cant buy this house oo,god i dey pray for ur grace oo”.

kris black said, “make the remote fall…u go hear 40million😂😂”.

YemiteElectrical said, “If these are what they call “vanity” then I want the pro max🥺🤩🤩🤩🤩”.

evelynampiah7 said, “I and my children will know be poor in Jesus name amen 🙏”.

superstardjfresh6 said, “ola you done started again 🤣”.

user6816736697009 said, “God has finished to bless you now z my turn in Jesus’Name Amen”.

ASHER-TECH CEO said, “Do you know, with all this luxury, the person wey get am fit no dey stay there, this life no balance 😏”.