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“Omo! I will never be poor” – Reactions as lady flaunts 7 luxurious cars she rides from Monday to Sunday (Video)

Causing a stir on the internet, a woman garnered attention as she proudly displayed her stunning collection of seven luxury cars, each allocated for a particular day of the week.

Identified as @Mhiz_eshaeza_, she shared her lavish lifestyle on TikTok, sparking widespread reactions across social media.

The circulating video features her confidently presenting an impressive lineup of high-end vehicles, including Mercedes Benz, Land Cruisers, and other luxurious models.

From Monday to Sunday, she effortlessly transitions from one lavish car to another, leaving viewers both astonished and curious about the source of her wealth.

Watch the video below:

Read some comments shown below:

Alhaji_Aliko-Dangote12 said, “VANITY UPON VANITY”.

King Ramsey👑 said, “Small challenge wey we dey use clothe do..u turn am to ritualist be so oh😂😂”.

Don favourite🇨🇿🇳🇬 said, “No I refuse to be fooled by this 😡😡😡”.

Wealth🦋🌺 said, “I will never be poor”.

Smart Israel Akukoma Savita💙 said, “Long as u can fuel them carry on we mount your back”.

kingkizzo21 said, “You sure say all this cars nor be rent you do so?😂”.

moses said, “no go and put back those cars for sell😌😌”.