“Omo! Ilu Eyinbo No Easy Ooo, I Used 1.5million To Buy Cloth”– Portable Say As He Went Shopping In UK (Video)

Portable expressed distress after spending 1.5 Million Naira on shopping during his tour in the United Kingdom.

During his visit, he was spotted alongside Billique, an international show promoter based in the UK.

Portable remarked that even Hushpuppy, known for extravagant spending, did not surpass his own expenditure of 1.5 million on a single clothing item in the UK.

He proceeded to send a message to Ramon Jago, a popular entertainment figure known for selling clothes to celebrities, referring to himself as ‘Were Alaso,’ which means ‘Madman of clothes.’

It appeared that Portable had never previously splurged such an amount on purchasing clothing for himself, as he exclaimed about spending millions on merely one ordinary clothing item.

See social media reaction below on portable video shared online.

Elyte_ykzm247 wrote: Ika one of Africa worry dem please try remember in your paradise daddy o.

Jagunlabi00 Wrote: Portable no spend all your money finish for uk ooo make you no talk say them reap you ,

Dmul2 Wrote: No chip hush matter for mouth l, an even all those your Cubana boss…where u want see 1m pounds, u get am like this?

Princesswhitlseup wrote: Pls take him to Bicester Village to do shopping or Selfridges in London

Stanley_6_to_6 wrote: Portable what are you doing in TK MAX,😂😂 celebrating go to direct shopping store and leave TK MAX for us.

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