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“Omo! Lagos Is Not For The Weak” – Trending video of Lagosians sleeping so hard inside BRT as they head to work (Watch)

A video depicting Lagosians deeply immersed in sleep while commuting on a BRT to work has emerged online, sparking conversations across various platforms.

The viral clip showcasing Lagosians on their way to work perfectly encapsulates the well-known phrase “Hustle is real.”

As these individuals, particularly men, strive to make ends meet and support their families, signs of weariness are evident in their early morning commute.

In the video, all the men were fast asleep while the driver of the BRT drove them to their various destinations.

As expected, the video generated mixed reactions online, while many expressed that the 9-5 is quite stressful with lesser pay others said they will stick to their business instead of engaging themself in office/factor kinda of works in Lagos.

Some also hails the men in the video for working so hard despite the difficulty to provide for their families.

Watch the video below;

See reactions below;

tbchairstore: I swear this is why I decided to do business all my life, I was going to the island with a friend and I showed him everyone in the bus, they all looked very tired and they were all sleeping, Omo may God bless everyone E no easy to dey do 9-5 everyday for Lagos.

iamolawunmii: God bless all the hardworking men in the world trying to provide for their family. God will come through for y’all 🙏.

escritor9366: Men are superheroes, men take your 🌸. This is the reason this community is created for you to unburden.

chief_dr_ejirookurame: 😢😢😢 May God bless their hustles and keep them refreshed with strength when they get to work.

obaksolo: nawa oooo. We Nigerian are going thru a lot mehn 😢😢😢😢 and some individuals dey thief our money.