“Omo! Portable Na Talk And Do”– Reactiona As Portable Knock Out Charles Okocha In All The Three Rounds Of The Boxing Match (Watch)

Popular Nigerian singer, Portable, fulfilled his promise by engaging in a fight with Charles Okocha and emerging victorious in all rounds.

In a live video shared by Omobewaji, the singer’s first wife, Portable was declared the winner and was handed the prize.

Excited about his victory, Portable celebrated by taking the prize to meet Ramanjago, showing immense respect to the industry icon as a gesture of gratitude.

Recalled that portable have promised to beat Charles Okocha as he beg Nigerian to please place a bet of over 2.5 on him because it’s a must for him to win the ring fight.

Habeeb Okikiola, has confidently affirmed his belief in winning the planned match against Charles Okocha.

During their initial press conference, Portable made this assertion after confronting Charles Okocha, confidently declaring his intent to knock him out with a single blow in their upcoming fight.

In a recent video, the singer reiterated the importance of full support from his fans on the 27th, emphasizing his strong belief in effortlessly winning the fight against Charles Okocha.

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