“Omo! So Femi Adebayo Can Dance Like This”– See How Femi Adebayo And His Afrimek Crew Celebrate Jagun Jagun movies Achievement (Watch)

Omobanke, who is commonly known as Soji Taiwo, recently posted a video featuring himself, Femi Adebayo, and fellow actors enjoying a lively celebration at a club, commemorating the success of the movie “Jagun Jagun.”

Femi Adebayo was captured dancing energetically alongside Kunle Afod, Jigan Babaoja, and his two brothers.

The entire crew was seen enthusiastically dancing, marking the triumph of Femi Adebayo’s film “Jagun Jagun.”

The success of Jagun Jagun movies has been something that hit social media in a way no one ever thought it could.

Fans React to the video with the way Femi Adebayo was dancing like a rich politicians man.

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Watch The Video Below,

See How Fans React To The Video Below:

Koyadouble: I’m glad n happy to be a guy. See real love among Nollywood guys, but the females shior😮beefing, fake life, and gossip full their lives.

Lovedammy91: Awon brother’s wa@afrimektv love you all😍❤️👏

Tosynetee: Super proud of you guys. 👏👏👏 Jigan Naim suppose be Gbogunmi🤣

Mevepeters: The joy and the fun is real… the females go jealous una die