“Omo! The Man Handsome DIe”– Actress Ruth Kadiri Bow To Pressure As She Finally Reveal The Face Of Her Husband (Watch)

Nollywood actress and filmmaker, Ruth Kadiri Ezerika, recently stirred up online debate by finally acquiescing to the requests to showcase her alleged husband on social media.

After maintaining the secrecy of her husband’s identity throughout their five-year marriage, Ruth Kadiri posted a video on the TikTok app that swiftly gained attention.

In this video, the mother of two lovely daughters shared moments with the man in question, leaving many uncertain about whether he is her spouse or just a friend.

Abacha, a user, suggested that she should maintain greater secrecy about the relationship, while others argued that the video only captured her and her friend briefly.

Abacha wrote, “I wish she would hide it more. I love how private her life is but I understand when a woman is too happy that she wants everyone to feel that happiness too.”

Ruth Kadiri wrote some heartfelt remarks a few hours ago to commemorate her and her spouse’s fifth wedding anniversary.

To celebrate another year with her playmate, she posted a picture of their hands together on her Instagram page. The caption for the clasped hands was beautifully written by the mother of two, who had always “hidden” her husband from the public sight.

During their five years of marriage, Ruth Kadiri said she couldn’t have asked for a better partner and that her pleasure and serenity came from being married.