“Omo! This is getting too much” – Reactions as new data shows that 141,000 Nigerians fled to UK in one year

Freshly published data from the UK government’s Office for National Statistics reveals a migration count of 141,000 Nigerians to the United Kingdom within the past year.

This influx aligns with the trend of economic migration embraced by Nigerians, colloquially termed as “japa,” derived from the Yoruba language and roughly interpreted as “to flee.”

Among the immigration flow into the British nation from non-EU nationalities, Nigeria ranks among the top five, as disclosed in the released statistics.

“In the year ending June 2023, the top five non-EU nationalities for immigration flows into the UK were: Indian (253,000), Nigerian (141,000), Chinese (89,000), Pakistani (55,000) and Ukrainian (35,000),” the release from the UK government revealed.

Early this year, the UK government announced some changes to its immigration laws.

By January 2024, the changes would come into effect and it includes the ban on dependants accompanying international students on non-research postgraduate courses.

While the development may likely force Nigerians to seek options of study somewhere with their families, a review of the data further revealed that Nigerians studying in the UK grew from 6,798 in 2017 to 59,053 as of December 2022.

Also, the number of dependents grew along. In 2019, there were 1,586 dependants and it increased last year to 60,923.

“The non-EU figures are based on Home Office Borders and Immigration data while EU figures are based on Registration and Population Interaction Database (RAPID) data received from the Department for Work and Pensions and HM Revenue and Customs and British nationals’ figures are based on the International Passenger Survey (IPS),” the UK’s Office for National Statistics said.

See reactions below;

onyinyechukwu______: People still have money to travel under this economy.

oluwakemi._o: If you are planing to Japa your application shall be successfully by Gods special grace 🙏.

official_lavish1010: Nigeria is d best place to stay 👏 Travelling abroad is a waste of money even my friend said cold is too much omo me I like nd will stay in dz sweet Nigeria 👏❤️.

shadow_oteaz: How many Hausa deh inside?, so tell me why them no go claim ownership of this country ?

shes__precious__: I41k😩 no wonder someone said UK is no longer abroad that it is now maxi Lagos lol.

marypatrick09: Wish I was among 😢😢.

_peaceful_baddie: If you know you don’t have this japa mindset gather here for a tinubu selfie 🤳 just make sure ur hand is shaking while posing to the camera.

hunpiya: How many times have you seen this data being shared on Indian/Asian pages? Do you know other nationals Indians, Brazilians etc. Japa too in their numbers but they are hush hush. Wisdom is profitable to direct.

naija_sta: If you have the opportunity, please don’t wait, japa!