“Omo! This Is So Emotional”– Grown Up Man Get Emotional After Watching Malaika And Meeting Toyin Abraham

A Nigerian man found himself overwhelmed with tears of joy upon meeting his favorite celebrity, Toyin Abraham, at the cinema.

Toyin had recently premiered her highly anticipated movie, “Malaika,” now being screened in cinemas nationwide. Unaware that this day would turn into a life-changing moment, the devoted fan decided to see her film at the Ikeja Mall.

His wife, who knew of Toyin’s live appearance at the mall, orchestrated the surprise for her husband, a dedicated fan who had watched every movie featuring the actress, hoping to bring him immense delight.

At the cinema, he had the chance to meet Toyin, who warmly embraced him, prompting tears of joy from the overwhelmed fan.

“My husband and world best @toyin_abraham my husband has always wanted to meet mummy ire and I know world best will be live at Ikeja mall today to surprise my husband and make him happy I told him to let us go watch movie he doesn’t even know the movie storyline but whenever he hears is from world best my husband must watch it to think this movie speaks more about us as we are still praying to God I can really relate with the whole thing and boom my husband meets world best he cried he laughed and enjoyed himself. Mummy ire u do this one. Malaika is a movie u all must watch as I was able to grant my husband’s wish I will be giving out 5 free tickets to whoever can’t afford to pay just for u to see this masterpiece and preach the gospel”.

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