“Omo! This One Is Really Much Ooo, God Will Take Control” – Lawyer Kunle Shed Tears Like Baby Over What Recently Happen To Him

Lawyer Kunle has brought a touch of comedy online, shedding tears while watching Africa Magic Yoruba.

Before watching the movie, Lawyer Kunle mentioned that everyone who has seen it shed tears, and he would see if he would cry too.

He hasn’t watched the movie for two minutes, and he has already started crying.

He wrote: MIRACLE IN CELL 7 😭😭😭 omo ! I cried too

Iamhorpeyemi_101 wrote: I watch the movie twice single water no come out for my eyes 😂😂😂

Horlaity wrote: lol and the movie don tey and star again 👏👏 the movie touch 😢

Iamaduniade01 wrote: 😂😂😂this is sawo se and its showing presently on African magic Yoruba

_hadassah_loba wrote: I honestly didn’t know I have seen the movie before self. 😂 It’s a wonderful movie sha. It’s been long.

Tomiwa_160 wrote: 😂😂😂😂😂 buh there’s really nothing to cry abt in dat movie na smile I smile oo I don’t no why others ar crying

Tola_remilekun wrote: I didn’t cry at all have seen so many Korean movies that are more emotional than that

Adedun_nba wrote: Well I watch it perfectly and single water no drop for my eye 😂😂

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