“Omo! Why is the world so wicked?” – Nigerian lady expresses shock as she shows off what she ordered vs. what she got

A Nigerian lady has ignited a conversation on social media by highlighting the noticeable disparity between the red dress she ordered and the item she ultimately received.

In the video captioned: “What I ordered vs. what I got,” the lady unveils a neatly pressed and ironed red suit, which was her original order.

Shortly after, she reveals her dismayed expression while displaying the actual garment she received from the clothing vendor.

The video has garnered the attention of numerous social media users, who have taken to the comment section to share their amusement over the lady’s received order.

See some reactions below:

user7378078157872: “why is the world so wicked?”

Vivid jewelries: “This one be like RESURRECTION POWER SUIT.”

Rena vivi 😜: “They sent you the draft of the clothes.”

C.E.O soft life 💞💫🥰: “Try walking fast nobody will notice.”

Sope🔱💕: “Just iron it and walk fast dem no go notice dem sha give you red colour abi dem no give you.”
Pablo’s Glam💄💋: “When u walk fast fast no one will notice.”

Amara🥵🥵: “Omo the comment section no be am😭😅i don laugh water comot for my eye🤣Abeg someone should like my comment Biko so that I can always come back.”

Zimarexfood1: “No vex say say he too big the Materia day plenty so I say make I do everything so you ft use am from now tin 2040.”

Endy🥺🥰❣️: “go studio go snap first use white background I wan check something.”

Eniola baby💐: “You even pose and smile 😹that shows you are happy nah.”

Ororiseng_s: “It’s giving Michael Jackson.”

Prospermoney ❤️🔝🙇: “iron am first make we know the next step to take.”