“Omo! Yinyin Ni Mo Ri oooooo, I No See Anybody ooooo”– Portable Say As He Walk Around Inside The Snow In Newcastle (Video)

Street singer Portable recently posted a video during his music tour in Newcastle.

Habeeb Okikiola, widely recognized as Portable, expressed amazement at the snow-covered landscape everywhere he walked in Newcastle.

In the video, he proudly displayed bundles of dollar notes, showcasing the amount he had earned from his show.

He continued by stating that he holds no grudges against anyone and acknowledges that everyone faces their own challenges.

His advice emphasized the importance of not disclosing the source of one’s success to others, as it might lead to a lack of appreciation for one’s efforts.

Keep no hate in your heart we are all struggling 👌
Never tell them where you got your bread 🍞 without money people won’t value you ✍🏻 Anikuleti Street DonJazzy I have to do this far away if you want to go far you have to go far
IKA OF AFRICA 🌎 CEO Dr ZEHNATION many many inspiration 💯

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Charles_Okocha Wrote: Bitch asss nigga see you on 26th somebodys dirty ass abt to get whooped up fr fr.

Richyfunkystyle wrote: Portable go dey shout for there, them fit arrest you for public disturbances oh😂.

_amara_ama wrote: Invest oooh,
Time shall come when Africa will forget about you ooh,ask nigga raw, tug ace,dbanj,mi abaga etc..
Pls have investment.

Therayztv wrote: Why you no commot cloth again nah… Shebi you don believe say Weather pass weather 😂😂😂😂 enjoy my man.

Lil_god_01: Now go Aldi and buy a steam wallet card and take a pic of it so I know you’re real.