“One man’s ex is another man’s future”- Nkechi Blessing reflects on her thoughts after receiving a kind message from her ex-husband.

Nkechi Blessing’s recent Instagram story, following well wishes from her ex-husband Opeyemi Falegan during her ill health, seems to add an intriguing layer to their relationship. The dynamics between them are generating interest and speculation among followers.

Her post read, “One man’s ex is another man’s prayer. What one man didn’t appreciate, another man is praying for.” This cryptic message might appear as a subtle jab at Falegan, given his recent post related to Nkechi Blessing and their status as her most recent ex.

A lot of public banter was witnessed due to the fact that Nkechi Blessing and her ex-husband Falegan Opeyemi David were constantly in the news for throwing not-so subtle shade at each other, and using colorful words to describe themselves. It was indeed a messy divorce, and as such, a few eyebrows rose at the wake of Falegan Opeyemi David’s goodwill message.

clear and needs no interpretation. However, the question arises whether Falegan Opeyemi has extended a hand of peace, and whether Nkechi Blessing will accept it. Another question is whether Nkechi Blessing’s post is a blatant refusal of that alleged hand of peace offered by Falegan Opeyemi.

Watch this space, as more reports may be made regarding the situation, should it develop any further than this.