“Only You Two Ram and Five Cow’s”– Fans Reacts as Portable Bought 2 Rams and 5 Cows For Salah (Watch)

Zazu, the Nigerian musician widely known as Portable, has attracted attention with his recent purchase of five cows and two rams in preparation for the upcoming Sallah celebration. Taking to Instagram, he shared a video proudly announcing that he personally acquired all the animals. Furthermore, he revealed the recipients of these generous offerings, which include his father, the mosque, and the Oba, who will be receiving a cow from him.

Portable, the musician, is eagerly looking forward to the approaching Sallah celebration, as it holds great significance for him. Being a family man with six children, he recognizes the responsibility he carries for the well-being of those who depend on him during this festive occasion.

The year 2023 marks the arrival of the highly anticipated Sallah celebration, set to commence on June 28th. Muslims all over the world are actively making preparations for this significant day. One customary practice during this occasion is the purchase of rams or cows, symbolizing an essential aspect of the festivities.

While some Muslims embark on the pilgrimage to Mecca to observe the celebration, those who remain in their hometowns make the day truly memorable. They do so by donning new attire and ensuring an ample supply of food to enhance the festive atmosphere.