“Orisa is not a complete film, But there’s room for improvement especially with the storyline” – Popular Movie critic Kazeem says as he give full details

Renowned Nollywood actor Odunlade Adekola’s recent film “Orisa” has received a range of ratings from movie critics. While praising the overall production and positive aspects of the movie, some reviewers have pointed out the need to address plot holes.

According to one well-known movie critic, Kazeem Adegboyega, “Orisa” is a fantastic film that is definitely worth watching.

However, there’s room for improvement, particularly in terms of the storyline. The acting in the movie was the highlight and truly impressive.


– Contrary to the picture the title Orisa gave , the movie wasn’t full of unnecessary incantations and forced indigenous nuances (those things were present, but there weren’t all over the place)✅

– I think the relationship between komokomo and the king is a very weak defense to whatever it is komokomo was doing. The writer could honestly have thought of something better.

– That part about the king madness still marvels me, how could a little force run the king mad ? It sounds weird in the Yoruba culture. Anyway, let’s continue.


– I must commend how the writer beautifully infused comic scenes and dialogues in the middle of a seemingly tragic story. Woli Agba was interesting to watch, and I sort of hoped to see him more in the movie, but the little time I did was worth it.

– The directors did a good job with both the actors and the scenery as a whole. It gave me the indigenous vibe I expected to see. But, Komokomo saying “mi o fe soro” became irritating at some point. Just felt like some forced rhymes, but then, its forgiveable


Every actor, including the ones who only appeared in a few things, gave it their all. If there’s something strong that held the movie down from start to finish, it would be the acting.

7/10 #Rating 🤛✅”