“Oyinbo men pay me in dollars because they’re always attracted to my amputated leg”–Actress Doris Akonanya reveals

In a recent revelation, well-known Nollywood actress Doris, an amputee, opened up about her personal experiences, revealing that certain white men pay her for being an amputee.

Doris shared that despite her amputation, she’s been involved in romantic relationships. However, she expressed disappointment upon discovering that some men dated her out of pity. In a particularly hurtful incident, she learned that a man she was seeing had saved her name as “one leg girl” in his phone, deeply affecting her.

She also delved into her dating life, shedding light on interactions with white men attracted to amputees, known as ‘devotees.’ Doris revealed that some of these men request videos featuring her amputated leg and offer payment in dollars for such content. Additionally, the actress discussed the heightened sensitivity of her amputated leg, noting that it significantly enhances her physical sensations.

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