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Pastor Adeboye Leke Stir Reactions Online As He Storm Filling Station To Pay For People Amidst Fuel Hike (Watch Video)

In a touching act of kindness, Leke Adeboye, the son of Pastor Enoch Adeboye, made a heartwarming visit to a filling station in Lagos’ Ikeja area.

As a pastor and philanthropist, he generously provided free fuel to unsuspecting motorists, leaving both the recipients and onlookers deeply moved and grateful for his compassionate gesture.

Leke Adeboye’s commitment to assisting those in need has garnered admiration and respect within the community.

He shared the video on his Instagram with the caption: “We are grateful to God, for allowing us to full the tank of his people, He said He will ask us, when we get to heaven, when I was hungry, did you feed me. When I didn’t have fuel, did you fuel me? We can now answer, yes my Lord. @rccgthebridge @rccgyp1 #CSR #ikeja #MakeHeaven

As news of Leke Adeboye’s presence at the petrol station spread, a crowd swiftly gathered, eager to witness the heartwarming act of kindness he was displaying.

Watch the video below;