Pastor Agbala Gabriel successfully help raise 3 million Naira for Iya Gbonkan, 500K Naira for Abeni Agbon, 500K Naira for Tamotiye

Once again, Pastor Agbala Gabriel, a highly esteemed spiritual leader and philanthropist, has demonstrated his remarkable generosity by successfully raising a significant amount of money to support the well-being of three revered veteran actresses within the Nigerian entertainment industry.

A remarkable sum of 4 million Naira was collected, with the sole purpose of providing much-needed assistance to Margaret Bandele Olayinka, widely known as Iya Gbonkan, Toyin Oladiran, affectionately called Abeni Agbon, and Alirat Atowule, recognized by her stage name Tamotiye.

Prior to this act of kindness, Iya Gbonkan had expressed her sincere desire for a car and reached out to her fans, appealing for their assistance. Deeply touched by her heartfelt plea, Pastor Agbala Gabriel, renowned for his philanthropic endeavors and unwavering dedication to helping the less privileged, wasted no time in responding with compassion and taking immediate action.

Pastor Agbala Gabriel embarked on a visit to Iya Gbonkan’s home in Osogbo, where he was warmly welcomed not only by Iya Gbonkan herself but also by her colleagues Abeni Agbon and Tamotiye, who were also beneficiaries of the fundraising campaign.

During this visit, Pastor Agbala Gabriel successfully raised a total of 3 million Naira for Iya Gbonkan, 500,000 Naira for Abeni Agbon, and another 500,000 Naira for Tamotiye. The funds collected were a testament to Pastor Gabriel’s commitment to supporting these veteran actresses and ensuring their well-being.