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Pastor Agbala Gabriel Visit Chief Kanran Raised 1 million Naira for him In Hours (Watch)

Renowned pastor and philanthropist, Pastor Agbala Gabriel, known for his charitable endeavors, paid a visit to Chief Kanran, the veteran actor whose real name is Olusegun Akinremi.

Chief Kanran had previously shared a divine revelation he received from God regarding Pastor Agbala Gabriel on social media.

Kanran revealed that despite not having crossed paths with Pastor Agbala Gabriel before, he received a divine message forecasting their imminent meeting, where Gabriel would offer him assistance.

In his words, ‘I have never met Agbala Gabriel in my life but God told me we shall meet very soon and he will help me and I might help him too’

During this time, Kanran took the opportunity to express admiration for the man of God and his unwavering commitment to philanthropy.

In response, Pastor Agbala Gabriel acknowledged the actor’s statement on his Facebook page and pledged to fulfill his promise of visiting Kanran.

In a recent update, Pastor Agbala Gabriel fulfilled his promise and visited Chief Kanran at the church where he resides.

The veteran actor shared his experiences and expressed his need for a car and equipment to kickstart a movie project. Remarkably, over 1 million Naira was raised within just two hours to support his cause.

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