Pastor Gbajue, where you keep the money you raised for Musilu Ajikanle before he died?” – Auto Bola drags Pastor Agbala Gabriel, accusing him of scamming people online (Watch)

Provocative Canadian-based blogger Auto Bola has once again ignited a fresh round of dispute by leveling allegations against Pastor Agbala Gabriel. The accusations have cast doubt on the funds collected for the late actor Musilu Ajikanle prior to his demise.

Through a sequence of posts on social media, Auto Bola contended that Pastor Agbala Gabriel, who had been prominently engaged in fundraising efforts for those in need, could potentially be exploiting the situation for personal gain.

Auto Bola went on to assert that Agbala Gabriel, in their view, has been engaging in fraudulent activities, using his religious affiliation as a facade.

She alleged that the religious leader has been orchestrating events involving senior citizens to manipulate the public. These staged scenarios involve bringing elderly individuals forward and falsely claiming they require assistance. This explains his insistence on having them jump around, a tactic aimed at misleading people.

She expressed her intention to uncover the individuals backing Pastor Gabriel.

Furthermore, she questioned the circumstances surrounding Musilu Ajikanle’s passing, especially considering the 7 million naira collected by Pastor Gabriel on his behalf.

Urging people to conduct thorough investigations, she encouraged them to inquire about the whereabouts of the deceased’s funds directly from Pastor Gabriel.

Watch the video below;