“Please Come And Buy What We’re Selling”– Iyabo Ojo Says As He Beg Fans To patronize and buy from her New Store (Watch)

Mother of two, actress Iyabo Ojo, has posted a video online to promote her newly opened store.

Through this Instagram video, she enthusiastically showcases the products available in her clothing shop, adding her signature touch of humor to the presentation.

She asks people to please buy what they are buying from them.

He Wrote: Eyin na ewa ra ohun ta nta ooooooo 😂🤣😅 @iamlolaalao 😂😂🤣

Watch The Video Below


See How Fans React to her post;

Dpohempire: You can’t hide a good heart. Yesterday you said aunty Lola should advertise all dis outs and here you are today advertising it and taking it higher like it’s yours.. Weldone aunty Iyabo. Your own no go spoil.. Love you 😍😍😍

Do2tun: I swear.. you need your own trophy. This video fit take me one year to do.. effortless 😂😂😂😂😂

Tees_crystal: 😂😂😮😮😮 if you watch more than 5times gather here….. This woman is a clown

Realzainabaderinwa: Hello, dear Aunty @iyaboojofespris. I hope you’re well, ma. I wanted to let you know that you were our #WCW, and we posted to express our appreciation for you. I would be truly grateful if you could take a moment to check it out on Instagram. Additionally, I extend an invitation via message on Instagram, but I understand you might not have had a chance to see it yet. Thank you in advance, Mama. ❤️❤️❤️
. @iyaboojofespris