“Please don’t go, we can’t survive without you” – Emotional video of family crying uncontrollably as their nanny leaves for holiday (Watch)

An emotional video has sparked numerous reactions, depicting a family tearfully bidding farewell to their nanny as she departs for a holiday.

Despite being undervalued in certain regions, this trending video highlights the significant role a nanny plays in a family’s life.

The heartfelt footage captures the entire family, particularly the children, shedding tears as their female nanny temporarily departs for the festive period to reunite with her own family.

As the wife recorded the touching scene, the children abruptly left their father’s side and hurried towards the departing nanny, who was on her way for the holiday.

Tears streamed down the children’s faces as they fervently expressed their reluctance for her departure, stemming from the strong bond they had developed with her over time.

As the father tries to pull his kids from the nanny, they refuse as they cling to her, not wanting her to leave them behind.

Part of the video also reveals where the father of the kids almost breaks into tears noting that the family can’t survive without her.

The wife also tells her to come back if she can as they hug each other.

Watch the video below;

See reactions below;

lingeriebytemmy: They are so attached to her,she must have really been a nice girl to them.

angie_marcus11: Awwwwwn they love her …. If na Nigeria the mama go talk say the girl don Initiate them for her w!tch kingdom …

naa.sipping.mocha: The stiffness in her body tells me the parents do not treat her kindly this is for the video, she can’t even look them in the face 😔.

sharoneez: Let me not lie, I teared up. Na suprise birthday gifts suppose dey make me cry today, no be this kind emotional video😂. It’s my birthday guys, say a little prayer.

crystalbekkes: This lady’s price just went up because families with kids are going to be requesting her service.

bern9382: Nanny come back please 😭😭😭😭😭 my heart is broken, I feel for the kids 💔💔💔.

diadem_jewelry: Me as the mother I will be rolling on the floor; Rosy please take me with you 😢😢😢😢😢😢.

hxnessy._thea: Even the Dad almost cried 😢😢.

choplifekitchenlagos: Even me I’m about to cry 😢😢😢😢 their eyes will see shege this holiday!!! Good nannies are hard to find 😍.

angie_marcus11: Awwwwwn they love her …. If na Nigeria the mama go talk say the girl don Initiate them for her w!tch kingdom …

xejiro24: They even said “pls come back, bring yours kids with you and come😢😢😢. The nanny is a treasure I swear.