“Please Help Me! My baby always sleep on the floor when we go out” – Mum shares video of little son on different outings (Watch)

A mother named @uririoghene_melvin recently posted a comical video featuring her baby’s distinctive behavior during outings.

In the video, we can see the charming sight of Uririoghene’s child opting to recline on the ground instead of standing or walking, which is the norm for most kids.

“My baby sometimes, when we go out, my baby lies down on the floor”, the mother wrote.

The unexpected behavior has amused both the TikTok user and her audience, who found joy in the comical and unpredictable actions of the little one.

Uririoghene’s video garnered attention and laughter from viewers, as they appreciate the lightheartedness and innocence of the moment.

@dammyswt reacted: “Maybe the mum sabi gist wen she see her friends and baba don taya. Baba need rest make nobody disturb my guy.”

@theadeoflagos commented: “This wan go dey Shayo for future.”

@Chastar reacted: “Abeg dey watch m oo.”

@rohimot oladimeji said: “On colos.”

@Toluwanimi reacted: “He’s feeling the calmness of the atmosphere le l maybe una no Dey allow am comot for house.”

@Qwinxtar commented: “Mummy please I can’t kill my self.”

@damilola reacted: “D baby b like I can’t come and kill myself jare.”

See the video below:,121331973,120811592,120810756;null;embed_discover_button