“Please Help Me ooo! I Don Explain Tire”– Naira Marley Look-alike Cried Out Over His Account Be Reported By Nigerian (Video)

Nigerian skit maker Naira Marley Twin expressed his distress on social media after Nigerians reported his social media pages.

The comedian, who bears a striking resemblance to the Marlian Music boss, shared how his life has been significantly affected since Mohbad’s tragic passing.

Mohbad’s death has led to complications not only for his former record label boss, Naira Marley, but also for anyone resembling him, as they face heightened scrutiny and public attention.

Marleytey, a TikTok user with a striking resemblance to Naira Marley, has found themselves caught up in a case of mistaken identity.

In the wake of Mohbad’s tragic passing, online discussions have been rife with various theories and accusations. Some individuals have raised suspicions about Naira Marley’s involvement in the unfortunate incident.

The proliferation of videos and materials in recent days has further intensified these concerns, resulting in a sustained wave of online anger and accusations directed at Naira Marley.

A man who bears a resemblance to Naira Marley has come forward to clarify the situation and provide clarity amid this chaotic period.

He has chosen to dispel the rumors that he is the renowned Nigerian musician. Despite his consistent denials, he has become the target of online attacks, with his social media accounts frequently reported by those who remain convinced of his identity.

The allegations and suspicions directed at Naira Marley have had a noticeable impact on his online presence, with a noticeable decline in his follower count.

He once boasted an impressive 7.5 million followers, but that number has recently dropped to 6.9 million. It’s anticipated that his following may continue to decrease as more individuals unfollow him in substantial numbers.

In his words: “All my accounts are being reported since the issue of Mohnad and Naira Marley and I’m here to make it clear to you guys that I’m not impersonating anyone. I’ve never told you guys that I am Naira Marley. Yes my username is Naira Marley Twin but that doesn’t mean I’m Naira Marley. How can people say I’m impersonating? This is me, this is my face, I don’t even do the same thing with the people you guys are talking about, he does music and I do comedy, so am I also impersonating with my face? Or do you guys think I’m wearing a mask? I’m not wearing a mask, this is me talking. So guys stop it, I am Naira Marley twin and I’m not Naira Marley, thank you guys for understanding.”