“Please! Stay away from my man” – Kunle Remi’s wife prays for her husband’s crushes to find their own man

Nigerian movie star Kunle Remi’s wife, Tiwi, issued a warning to other women in Nigeria, urging them not to pursue romantic interests in her husband.

Following their recent wedding, Tiwi teased Kunle Remi’s close friend, playfully mentioning that her husband is no longer available because he belongs exclusively to her.

With Kunle Remi now officially hers, Tiwi prayed to God to bless those who had a crush on her husband with equally wonderful companions.

Her husband’s friends boldly supported her stance and joined in on the banter.

Much to the chagrin of women who held affection for him, Kunle Remi joyously announced his marriage to his stunning partner, Tiwi, on the first day of 2024.

Taking to his Instagram page, where he shared images of himself and his wife, whom he proposed to and married in 2023, the actor disclosed this news.

Alongside imparting blessings to his admirers, Kunle Remi advised those seeking their perfect partner to remain open-minded and optimistic, assuring that the upcoming year would bring abundant happiness.

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