“Please Support our mosque completion Your Money will go a long way”- Actress Araparegangan raises funds to build a mosque in honor of his late father (Details Within)

Nigerian actress Sayyeda Kabirah, also known as Araparegangan, embarked on a noble mission to honor her late father by raising funds to complete the construction of a mosque.

This mosque will serve as a Saddaqatu Jariah, a perpetual charitable act that bestows blessings and benefits even after one’s lifetime.

Araparegangan expressed her heartfelt intentions and the significance of this endeavor on social media.

In a heartfelt message, she expressed her deep love and profound respect for her late father, explaining her strong desire to honor him by carrying forward this philanthropic initiative.

According to her, the mosque will serve as a Saddaqatu Jariah, an everlasting act of charity that will bring blessings and rewards beyond one’s lifetime.

“Support our mosque completion. 🕌 I’ll like to invite everyone to participate in the completion of this mosque project In honour of my Late Father Jimoh Adebowale Kafidipe to serve as saddaqatu jariah. If you’ll like to participate in the completion of the project,
Kindly send your donations to

Karfycom concept (kharfy com dawah group). Wema bank – 0123185532.No amount is too small. Barakallahu feekh 😍👍” Araparegangan shared with her followers.”