Popular Yoruba Actress Rukayat Lawal Celebrates Her Bestie, Actress Akin Boss Ahead Of Her Birthday

Popular Nigerian comic actress Rukayat Lawal, affectionately known as Iya Ibadan Sneh, recently took to social media to express her heartfelt celebration and appreciation for her close friend and fellow actress, Akin Boss, in anticipation of Akin Boss’s upcoming birthday. This heartfelt gesture by Rukayat Lawal was warmly received by her followers and fans.

Rukayat Lawal, renowned for her comedic talent and infectious sense of humor, shared a series of endearing photos on her Instagram page, featuring herself and Akin Boss. The photos captured the genuine bond and camaraderie shared between the two actresses, showcasing their friendship in a heartwarming manner.

In her Instagram post, Rukayat Lawal likely used heartfelt captions to convey her warm wishes and admiration for Akin Boss on the occasion of her birthday. Such public displays of affection and celebration among celebrities often resonate with fans, who appreciate the close-knit relationships and support networks within the entertainment industry.

The act of celebrating Akin Boss in advance of her birthday not only highlights the strong friendship between Rukayat Lawal and Akin Boss but also underscores the significance of such relationships in the Nigerian entertainment community. These bonds of friendship and camaraderie contribute to a sense of unity and support among actors and actresses.

Rukayat Lawal’s gesture of celebrating Akin Boss on social media serves as a testament to the warmth and camaraderie that exists within the Nigerian entertainment industry, demonstrating the importance of acknowledging and appreciating friends and colleagues in the public eye. Fans of both actresses likely joined in the celebration and eagerly awaited Akin Boss’s birthday to see how she would reciprocate this heartfelt gesture.

Posting the photo of themselves rocking matching outfits, she stated:

Let the countdown begin 09/09 is da code in massive addy Amoke .

See Reactions Below;

Fans and well wishers of both actress also joined to celebrate Akin Boss ahead of her birthday.

One fan wrote; “Yes Ooooooo oremeji Bi omo IYA happy birthday in advance your Excellency MY PRECIOUS BEAUTIFUL LOVELY QUEEN ENI BI OKAN MI ONITEMI ABOSEDE MI AMOKE ADE many more years in good health and happiness AMINA YAH ALLAH 🤲 .”

Another fan wrote; “Counting down massively .”

In similar news Yorubawood reported that comic actress Rukayat Lawal celebrates son as she clock a new age .

In a heartfelt post on her social media account, Rukayat Lawal expressed her happiness and gratitude for the blessing of having her son in her life. She shared a series of photos capturing their cherished moments together, highlighting the bond between a mother and her child.

She caption the photo with, “I celebrate you my beloved son, May the rest of your life be the best enjoy your day to the fullest love @kingo_freak

In another post, she wrote, ” Abi iru omo wo re bayi? A yam not from ile eleegun oo, anyways still ur day Omo Eni @kingo_freak more life more wins Abudu Malikiiiii”

Rukayat Lawal’s heartfelt words resonated with her followers, who flooded the comments section with warm wishes for her son’s special day.