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Portable Spreads Joy at Filling Station by paying everyone’s fuel money (Video)

Nigerian singer Portable has once again become the center of attention on the internet, but this time it’s for an exceptionally heartwarming act. The artist recently made headlines as he was spotted at a filling station, selflessly covering the cost of fuel for people, spreading joy and goodwill among those fortunate enough to encounter him.

Portable’s actions have been a frequent subject of discussion and fascination on the Nigerian internet. Known for his vibrant and energetic presence in the music scene, he has a significant fan following and a reputation for making waves both in his music and his public appearances.

This unexpected act of kindness at the filling station highlights Portable’s generosity and the positive impact he can have beyond the music stage. Such acts of benevolence not only endear him to his fans but also serve as a reminder of the positive influence that celebrities can wield in society.

The internet’s fascination with Portable, fueled by his noteworthy actions, demonstrates the power of social media in amplifying and sharing heartwarming stories that uplift spirits and inspire others to spread kindness. In a world often filled with negative news, moments like these shine a light on the potential for positive change and the ability of public figures to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

Recently, he celebrated his wedding anniversary in the streets of Lagos with his wife.

Prior to that, he made headlines when his multi-million-naira Brabus B Jeep was involved in an accident.

Known for his controversial actions, Portable has once again made waves on the internet by reportedly covering the fuel expenses of every individual at a fuel station in Lagos, Nigeria.

Appreciative individuals, touched by this act of kindness, have flooded the post’s comment section to share their thoughts on Portable’s gesture.

See some reactions below:

@abazwhyllzz: “This is exactly why most artists don’t like this guy, He’s real asf. Portable for president 2026 soon.”

@toyor_pr: “We can see the good work Portable is doing. Portable’s govt is better than Tinubu’s.”

@newsplug9ja: “How does he want to pay? Pay to the filling station and everyone will Be buying a specific amount of fuel? Or stand there and be paying for everyone one by one.”

@PabloHoggs: “I feel he’s a generous person, but his razz attitude and controversial person won’t let people see.”

@Ishow_leck: “His free lifestyle and showing love on the street is just so beautiful.”

@black_izeek: “No one get street credibility like this guy. Portable is him.”


Portable went to a fueling station and paid everyone’s fuel money 😂⛽️ pic.twitter.com/MVD120u7Vu

— Oyindamola🙄 (@dammiedammie35) September 6, 2023