Portable surprises new artist, Officialfrizzle, with Murano car gift

Nigerian music sensation, rapper, and songwriter, Habeeb Okikiola, famously recognized as Portable, is making waves in the entertainment industry after allegedly investing millions in a Murano car for his new artist, Officialfrizzle.

The exciting news broke through a video shared on Portable’s Instagram page, capturing the extravagant moment of gifting the luxurious car to his protégé. This generous gesture not only showcases Portable’s support for up-and-coming talent but also solidifies his reputation as a visionary and benevolent figure within the Nigerian music scene.

The video captures a heartwarming moment as Portable, surrounded by his artists, shares a joyous occasion while handing over the car key to Officialfrizzle.

Overwhelmed with gratitude for the generous gift, Officialfrizzle eagerly rushes into the car, showcasing his appreciation, with Portable closely trailing behind, radiating with pride.

Additionally, Portable’s benevolence extends to his fans, as he is seen joyfully tossing bundles of cash to those gathered to celebrate the special occasion, further highlighting his generosity and connection with his supporters.

Portable buys a Murano car worth Millions of Naira for his signee, Officialfrizzle. pic.twitter.com/gkRNWMMGna

— TheTWAAUPDATE🔌 (@TheTWAAPR) April 2, 2024

Portable buys a brand new Murano for one of his artists
Portable dey try for his people sha. pic.twitter.com/OY5Xbb3niK

— X-Daily (@X_Dailly) April 1, 2024