“Public schools are free, So stop all the lies” – Korra Obidi’s husband finally replies after she called him out

Influential personality Korra Obidi’s husband, Justin Dean, has reacted following her public call-out regarding his alleged failure to pay their children’s school fees.

Korra Obidi, a mother of two, had earlier taken to social media to voice her frustration over shouldering the financial responsibilities alone.

The situation gained traction as Justin Dean has now offered a response addressing his wife’s concerns.

She had maintained that she doesn’t want her kids to go to any public school because she doesn’t particularly like the standard of education there and there are no better public schools in LA where she lives.

However, in a video of reply to this, Justin Dean noted that public schools are completely free and tuition for them are usually paid for by the government through the taxpayer’s money.

In his explanation, he noted that property taxes are usually paid by homeowners, and these taxes are used to fund schools. Hence, the quality of a public school is dependent on the kind of locality the person lives.

Better-funded public schools are found in localities where there are more well-to-do folks with better houses because higher property taxes are charged for people whose houses are of higher value.

Watch him speak in the video below: