Radio presenter Oriyomi Hamzat gift an old woman with cash gift of N100,000 Naira to start a business

Oriyomi Hamzat, the Chairman of Agidigbo FM, a prominent radio station in Ibadan, recently displayed kindness by donating N100,000 to assist an elderly woman in kickstarting her business venture.

This touching act of generosity was officially disclosed via a statement shared on Agidigbo FM’s Facebook page, showcasing the station’s commitment to supporting the community.

Dr. Oriyomi Hamzat generously provided a cash grant of N100,000 to aid a woman in transitioning from her hawking business to start a new venture.

Accompanying the announcement were photos capturing the heartfelt moment when Oriyomi Hamzat presented the gift to the elderly woman.

The statement read, β€œPHOTOS: In the spirit of giving back to the society and helping people recover from the economic hardship, the quintessential philanthropist, Chairman of Agidigbo FM, Dr Oriyomi Hamzat gave this woman a cash gift of N100,000 to start a business and leave her hawking business.

This is coming after the Appreciation Rally of Agidigbo FM on December 1, to celebrate the people as the Most Listened-to Radio Station.”

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