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Reactions trials as man repays wife’s bride price to her family after 6 years of marriage (Video)

A Nigerian man returned to his wife’s family, repaying her bride price and renewing their marriage vows.

The circulating online video showcases the heartfelt process, sparking admiration and love on social media.

The wife, UKa Chiemele, shared the TikTok video, disclosing their six-year marriage and the meaningful gesture by her husband.

In the clip, tubers of yam, luggage boxes, bag of salts, soaps, bottles of drink among many others could be seen arranged in a corner.

In the beautiful scene shared online, the man and his wife were spotted on their knees before an elderly man, surrounded by a group of people, participating in a traditional land ceremony.

The bride dons a stunning red native attire adorned with beads, while her husband elegantly wears an all-white outfit, creating a visually striking and culturally rich moment.Watch the video below:

Watch the video below:

Social media users flooded comment sections with thoughts. Some reactions are shown below:

🌸🌼callme_Nma🌸🌼 said, “Abeg na lie 😂he first go collect list then decided to pay after 6 years 😏”.

Nina’s Collection said, “😂 they no pay finish before”.

ezinneuchenna37 said, “y not use the money build a nice house for ur parents”.

candisophia said, “them do study this one from 6yrs na once them dey marry woman”.