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Reason Behind Moyo Lawal Trending Video, Why She Release It and Blame It On Her Ex, Olasukanmi (Full Details)

Actress Moyo Lawal has been making waves online for several days now, thanks to a video featuring her and Olasukanmi Saheed, a US-based man hailing from Kwara State.

Upon closer inspection of the video, it becomes apparent that it was intentionally recorded, as actress Moyo Lawal can be heard requesting Olasukanmi to focus more on the video content.

Furthermore, it’s noteworthy that she explicitly stated her intention to pay close attention to the video, and indeed, she dedicated a significant portion of her focus to it.

Unlike many covertly recorded videos, this one was intentionally made by her, and the surroundings in the video even resemble a room where she has been capturing various photos and videos.

If the video is not intentionally done by her, tell me if is it possible to video her without her consent and she saying please face the camera.

Olasukanmi Saheed should not be blamed for this, the fault is all her fault because it seems she derived Pleasure in doing so.

As a celebrity, you are aware that your video tape can cause you harm why did she do it?? A question people are supposed to ask her.

What a blogger cutie julls says Was just blame on the man’s part, but it’s never his fault but Moyo Lawal carries the blame.

The video was released by her to make a name for herself in her upcoming movie.

NB: This is just my mere speculation.. No bad blood🩸