Reason Why I Can Never JAPA From My Country Nigeria – Kunle Afod Reveals

Kunle Afod, a well-known actor in Nollywood, has made it known that he has no desire to leave Nigeria and establish a life in another country.

During an interview with Sunday Scoop, the 49-year-old Yoruba film actor acknowledged that many individuals, including his fellow colleagues in the entertainment industry, are choosing to leave the country (“JAPAying”). However, Afod emphasized that he personally does not intend to take that path.

While understanding the reasons why people might consider relocating, Afod expressed his belief that by working together, we can strive to rebuild the Nigeria we all aspire to have.

“I don’t envision myself relocating. I have been traveling extensively for a long time, and my last trip was the longest, spanning a month. I see traveling as a means of education, so if the opportunity is available, why not?”

“If obtaining a visa is easier, people would go out of the country and return. In that scenario, only a few would actually want to permanently relocate. However, I don’t blame anyone for desiring to move away because our country is in a state of disarray. But if we work together to build this nation, I believe things can improve,” noted Afod.

Regarding his latest film, the actor emphasized that it revolves around the themes of love and religion. According to him, the story centers on two individuals who follow different religious paths but are brought together by fate. The female lead is the daughter of a sheik, while the male lead is an evangelist. However, their union encounters opposition from the lady’s father, adding conflict and tension to the narrative.

“I decided to create this movie to raise awareness and remind people that, as human beings, we are all interconnected, regardless of our individual beliefs.”