“Reason why i remove my w0mb, and I decided not to bear children with my new husband” – Actress Mercy Aigbe reveals

Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe and her spouse, Kazim Adeoti, are currently enjoying a happy and harmonious marriage. This follows Mercy’s previous seven-year marriage to her ex-husband, Lanre Gentry.

The actress continues to express her love and contentment in her current relationship’s honeymoon phase. Having been married for over a year, many are eagerly anticipating news of the couple starting a family. In a recent interview with The Nation, Mercy Aigbe was questioned about this topic, and she has now provided her reasons for not pursuing parenthood with her current husband. Here are Mercy Aigbe’s statements.

During the interview, Mercy Aigbe was first asked “Let’s talk about motherhood with a teenager and a young adult, how has it been?” to which she responded:

MERCY AIGBE: So, my daughter is so grown, she’s an adult now and you know she has been far away in Canada studying and at times when I look at her, I wonder aloud saying so, this is my daughter who is all grown up and it feels like I am getting old. To me, aging is a blessing but I want to be a baby girl for life so when I look at her, she reminds me that I am no longer a baby anymore. Another thing is before when she did something wrong, I would shout at her, but now, I can’t shout at her because I remind myself that she’s now an adult, we have to dialogue and I would rather give her that liberty to make some decisions herself so I don’t influence all her decisions, I just have to be there to guide her and make sure she doesn’t make mistakes although mistakes are allowed if it’s not too much, it’s fine because you learn from it. And for my son, he’s also a big boy now and we give God the glory.

Then she was asked “Are you still going to have more kids considering your young marriage?” That’s when she said:

MERCY AIGBE: You know someone asked if I was going to have another child and I am like no, maybe I would adopt but for now, I don’t know and we are good and to God be the glory.