“Refrain From Using Children As Domestic Servant, It’s a Very Bad Things”- Yomi Fabiyi Sl@m Celebrities

Yomi Fabiyi, a well-known Nigerian actor, boldly condemned the practice of exploiting children as domestic servants, labeling it as a reprehensible crime and a cruel act forced upon innocent young individuals.

Renowned for his outspokenness and commitment to social justice, Fabiyi voiced strong concerns about child labor and passionately advocated for the protection of children’s rights.

He wrote, ” Using a CHILD or UNDERAGE as Househelp, domestic servant is the worst criminality and evil against any child. It is equivalent to war crime. No child should be FORCED, COERCED, HOODWINK into labor. Poverty, war, ignorance is NOT AN EXCUSE. It is punishable under the law with a lengthy jail term.

It is profoundly unsettling and disheartening to witness individuals who, in one instance, present themselves as champions for children online, vigorously battling and criticizing any wrongdoing. However, in their personal lives, they employ children as domestic helpers in their own households.

The same energy they keep in traveling from one page to another, blog to blog will turn zero when they see their neighbors using a child as slave to raise another child. How do you sleep at night asking a child to babysit your own child? You have raised a toxic child, and the consequences are too enormous. Using a child as a maid has exposed him or her to all forms of abuses, including sexual. You lost the moral rights to fight for any child or work around children.

Desist from this act and be the best you can online and offline. FREE CHILDREN FROM DOMESTIC SERVANTS NOW.


Convener, Break The Silence Foundation(Registered Human Rights NGO).”

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